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~ 00011011 ~

cs.c ____ gcc -S cf.c ----> cf.s

To transfer control of a program to a function you need to use the Stack

Stack needs an INDIRECT Addressing (it uses a Pointer to a Memory location instead directly same memory location)

here below is an example concerning IA32 First indirect address of SP is copied in BP. Then inserting (push) new values, SP increases.

Pushing the registers onto the stack before the function code, and Popping them off when the function is ready to return to the calling program

prog.c ........ screen.s ........ screen.o ........ screen

gcc -fpie -o prog prog.c screen


objdump -D prog > disassembled_prog


squari.c ........ squarint.s

gcc -fPIE -o squari squari.c squarint.s


objdump -D squari > squaridump


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